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Durant’s Laila Ahmed Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Excel Therapy

When Laila Ahmed cleared the high jump bar at the Class 5A state track and field championships, the Durant junior proved to the field that she’s a champion again. In her first attempt at 5-foot-4, Ahmed had accomplished her mission.
“Laila’s journey started after finishing in fourth place as a freshman and told me she wasn’t satisfied. She immediately set her goal to become a state champion and then she put in all the work to make it happen,” recalled Durant coach Aaron George. “When she won in 2022, she set her sights even higher to jump a personal record 5-foot-6 and win state again. I had no doubt she would do whatever it takes to achieve her goal.”
Laila’s confidence combined with her technique and work ethic continues to set her apart from the competition.
“My speed enables me to get the power to launch my jump,” explained Laila who reached her PR leap while winning the class 5A regional gold medal. “The hours of training and conditioning including box jumps, sprints and strides as well as jumping rope and endless jumps in practice all paid off.”
Laila, who maintains a 4.0 grade point average by mastering her favorite subject, math, admits there’s a mental strategy to her success.
“I’ll occasionally sneak a peak at my competition but I try to stay in my own headspace between jumps. That’s all I can control and I believe my success in the classroom transfers to my self confidence in competition.”
While high jump is an individual event, Laila admits she gets a boost from the team environment in track as well as being a member of the Lady Lions softball team where she plays left field.
“The team environment has taught me the importance of trust and uplifting others. I can feel it every time I compete.”
With a pair of gold medals already hanging around her neck, Laila openly admits that she’s not satisfied wanting to not only go for a three-peat but also the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.
“Right now, I will say yes, I’m good but I have to stay humble and keep wanting more. I’m determined to go even higher and that means I’ve got to keep pushing myself to improve.”
To use a current day acronym that best describes Laila Ahmed…IYKYK…if you know, you know. Laila does and so does her competition.

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