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Hugo’s Keshawna Scroggins Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Jay Hodge Dodge

“She’s a powerhouse and doesn’t even know it.”

Those are the words from Hugo girls track coach Kiyoko Woods as she described sophomore Keshawna Scroggins. “She’s one of those kids that has so much talent and potential but just hasn’t realized it yet. She’s a good kid in the classroom and very coachable though a little shy and stubborn sometimes, but I love her,” Woods added chuckling.

Keshawna threw the shotput and ran in the 4X100 relay team for the Lady Buffaloes this season.

“She should have been running sooner and in more events with her speed, but we’ll fix that next year,” said Woods. “She started throwing the shot 20-25 feet and by the time the season was over she threw 31.08 feet. She made it to the regional finals but just missed qualifying for state.”

Keshawna also plays point guard on the Hugo Lady Buffs basketball team and plays AAU summer ball for the Lady Hoopers which is the sport which started out her athletic career.

“When I was in sixth grade or so I just felt like I needed to get out of the house and play a sport and basketball looked easy. I also started track in the sixth grade but then stopped until I got back into it this year,” said Scroggins.

Having the speed and strength to compete in both track and field events is unusual which speaks to the potential that Woods pointed to about Keshawna.

“I had run track previously some, but I felt I was strong and could throw the ball (shotput) and so one day I tried it out and I liked it,” said Scroggins. “My goal at the start of the season was to throw 40 feet so I didn’t make it there, but I did get better as the season went along so next year I’m going to make it to state,” Keshawna smiled.

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