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Durant’s Tucker Dry – Male Athlete Spotlight Presented by The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


Durant High School

Choctaw Athlete of the Month

A member of the Durant Lions football team, Tucker Dry begins his senior year with one specific goal while preserving the foundation of his everyday life.

“I try my best everyday to example the impact of the Choctaw heritage in my everyday life,” said Dry, a 6-5, 275 senior, “everything evolves from my faith, family and culture.” 

Athletically, the mild-mannered Dry has celebrated success including powerlifting since the age of 13. His continual focus to improve his strength is a trait that gives Dry an advantage on the football field as an offensive lineman that explodes with power. Dry’s results are exploding as well having recently reached personal bests including a 600-pound deadlift,bench press of 365 pounds as well his PR squat of 505 pounds. Dry also uses that get-it-done attitude in his everydaydecision making.

“Trust your abilities, know what you can do and then walk on to the field or into the classroom and do whatever is required and give 100 percent of your effort to do the best you can.”

Grateful for the influence of his Choctaw family, Dry demonstrates his perseverance like a Choctaw warrior in times of trials or setbacks.

“Having gone through my share of setbacks, perseverance is part of my DNA,’ said Dry, whose father James is a member of the Choctaw Nation’s Tribal Council. “I lost my junior year of competition due to a medical issue. That has forced me to work real hard to get back to where I am now, and I am thankful to God for the opportunities that have been given to me.”

The never-give-up approach of the Durant senior is part of how Dry strives to be a leader on and off the field.

“Leadership is something that must be earned because I believe a leader is that person who sets the example,” he said with confidence. “In the weight room, you have to hit all your reps and then encourage all your teammates to do the same. On the football field, a true leader doesn’t slack off on a play while at the same time finding the right way to encourage histeammates to push through the adversity and achieve the desired outcome. You hold everyone accountable by first holding yourself accountable to do the right thing.”

Appreciative of his Choctaw background, Dry seeks to find the opportunities to make things better for others every day. 

“I enjoy going to the Community Center to help serve the Choctaw elders because they are very important to me,” he said with a smile.  “I love serving others by helping people that might not be as fortunate as me or have it as good as my family has it.”

As a student who enjoys history and maintains a 3.91 grade point average, Dry seeks to learn from the past in order to succeed today and in the future.

“I try to learn from the experiences of the past so as not to make the same mistakes again but find a better way with a winning outcome.”

Tucker Dry, along with his football teammates seek to return to the glory days as this year’s Lions football team would like nothing more than to repeat the history of 40 years ago when Durant won a state championship. 

“Just as the Choctaws of the past, together we have to give it everything we’ve got and be a Warrior for my family including my teammates, my community and myself.” 

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