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Durant’s Avery Sager – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Conley Care Clinic of Durant

By Payton Moody
Avery Sager, a dedicated cross-country athlete from Durant High School, has high
aspirations this season and beyond.
When asked about her favorite coach, Sager immediately recognizes the impact of Coach
Reynolds on her life. “She has always pushed me to be my best,” Sager said. “When I wanted
to give up at the end of a race, she was always there to tell me I could do it.”
Sager’s running inspiration comes from her older brother, Aiden. She admires his drive for
running and how he pushes himself to excel. Within her team, she finds unwavering
support. “Zoe Jones, who is a senior, has supported me throughout my entire running
career even when I was in middle school,” Sager shared. She also highlights the influence of
her teammate Katelyn Mauck, who has consistently encouraged her to improve.

Her favorite teacher, Coach Lowe, is cherished for his guidance both inside and outside the
classroom. “My favorite teacher is Coach Lowe – 8th grade History,” Sager said. “He always
inspired me to be a better person.” Coach Lowe provided valuable advice in various aspects
of Sager’s life.
Sager’s preparation for the upcoming season involved rigorous summer training, running
almost every other day, and following the coaches’ workout plan.
Cross country has instilled in Sager the invaluable lesson that determination and
perseverance ultimately lead to success: “Cross country has taught me that sometimes life
is going to be hard and often uncomfortable, but if you keep pushing toward your goal, the
outcome will eventually happen.”
One of her fondest memories of cross country goes back to middle school when they
embraced a spontaneous opportunity to play tag in the rain during practice. Sager also
cherishes the camaraderie within the team during bus rides and team dinners.
For the season, Sager aspires to achieve a personal best and secure a top-three spot at the
state level. Additionally, she hopes her team qualifies for the state competition as a
collective achievement.
Looking ahead, Sager has clear plans for her future. She intends to attend college, pursue a
degree in education, and further her academic journey with a master’s degree in math.
Additionally, she hopes to continue her running career in college while serving as an
inspiration for others.

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