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9 Q’s with Madill’s Addyson Miller – Presented by Conley Care Clinic of Durant

VYPE: Who has been your favorite coach throughout your career and how did they impact you as a player?

Addyson Miller:I started Lions Club Cheer in fourth grade and Amanda Rushing has always been there in some form of way. She has pushed me to be better not only in cheer but as a person. I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done.

VYPE: Did you have any teammates that you admire or that supported you?

AM: Last year, I grew really close with one of our seniors. She was only on our squad for one year, but she truly made a difference in my life. Lani and I helped each other learn cheer material and life lessons from things we had experienced before. 

VYPE: Who was your favorite teacher and how were they influential in your life? 

AM: The past two years, I’ve had my dad for my first class of the day. It’s been so fun getting to spend that time with him in a different setting than at home. His class has a lot of work but the environment of it is fun.

VYPE: What preparation have you taken this off-season to better equip yourself for the upcoming season?

AM: Over the summer, the squad went to summer pride where we conditioned and lifted weights. We also had our regular cheer practices and went to summer camps.  

VYPE: What has your sport taught you that you use in your daily life?

AM: Cheer has taught me how to encourage people when things are going wrong. It has also taught me discipline, love, and responsibility.

VYPE: What has been your favorite memory in your sport?

AM: This summer we held a cheer camp for 4th – 6th grade cheerleaders. There was a girl in the grade I taught who I clicked with. She begged her mom to take a picture with me afterwards and later she posted it on Facebook saying her daughter “found her favorite cheerleader.”

VYPE: What do you hope to accomplish this season?

AM: This year, the Madill cheerleaders have been working extremely hard to improve not only on the sidelines but also to compete this year. I hope we can turn the work we’re putting into our competition motions and stunts into things we can use to hype up the crowd on the sidelines.

VYPE: What matchup are you most looking forward to this season?

AM: Mini Cheer Cats is my favorite game every season. I love teaching the little cheerleaders and learning all their big personalities. I want to be that role model for the upcoming generation.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

AM: After high school, I want to go to college on an academic and athletic scholarship for throwing shotput and discus. I want to major in biomedical engineering, which will prepare me for a career making neuro-prosthetics.

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