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Hugo’s Jayka Santillan – Football Spotlight – Presented by Kiamichi Family Medical Center

By Payton Moody 

Jayka Santillan, a promising young football player for Hugo High School, has already shown remarkable potential on the field. His game stats speak volumes about his capabilities.

During his freshman year, Santillan had the opportunity to showcase his skills in a varsity game. He also had an impactful coach help him through this developmental year. “Coach Gross during the summer was always there for me,” Santillan said. “I had a lot of things I was doing wrong in my throwing form, and he has helped me throw throughout the school year; we still have some stuff to fix.” 

On the rushing front, Santillan will be a force to be reckoned with as his high school career progress. While he may not have found the end zone yet this season, his dedication to advancing the ball and gaining valuable yardage is evident. With an average of 3.6 yards per carry, Santillan’s potential as a versatile player is evident.

Santillan also praised teammates, singling out Demarion Ramsey, Quincy Shelton, and Connor Frazier. They are the teammates who’ve provided Santillan with valuable support and admiration.

In terms of his favorite teacher, Santillan highlighted the positive influence of educators in his life. “Couch Trent has pushed me to be the best, to play to the best of my ability to push myself to be a good athlete.” Coach Trent’s encouragement has not only shaped Santillan as an athlete but also instilled in him the importance of having a positive attitude towards teachers and parents.

As for the future, Santillan has set ambitious goals for the season, aiming for 12 to 15 touchdowns and around 1,000 passing yards. He’s particularly looking forward to the upcoming matchup against Idabel. 

Beyond high school, Santillan aspires to attend college and possibly make a name for himself in the NFL, his lifelong dream.

With his promising talent and determined attitude, Jayka Santillan is undoubtedly one to watch on the football field, an asset and competitor for Hugo High School.

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