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Durant’s Addison Couch – Cheer Spotlight – Presented by Cherokee Communications

Addison Couch, a junior at Durant High School, is a remarkable individual who excels in both cheer and band. Her passion for the alto saxophone is as strong as her commitment to cheerleading. When asked about her motivation, Addison shared, “Something that motivates me is my future.” It’s clear that she’s focused and determined to achieve her goals, both academically and in her extracurricular activities.

Addison draws inspiration from her parents: “My biggest influencers are my parents because they have always worked super hard to make me and my brothers happy.” Their hard work and dedication have clearly made a lasting impression on her, shaping her strong work ethic and commitment to success.

Ms. McFarland, one of Addison’s teachers, has had a significant impact on her life. “Ms. McFarland will do anything for her students to be successful.” It’s evident that educators like Ms. McFarland play a crucial role in shaping the lives of their students.

In the realm of sports, Addison emphasizes the importance of individual practice for success. This dedication has certainly paid off, as she reminisced about the highlight moment of her high school career, cheering at Wrestling State and winning TigerPalooza this past year.

When it comes to competition, Addison enjoys the thrill of facing McAlester, considering it one of their biggest rivalries in any sport. This competitive spirit drives her to excel and push herself further.

Within her team, Addison values her close bond with teammate Shiloh Austin, with whom she’s been cheering with since freshman year. Their strong connection and mutual support have undoubtedly contributed to their success as athletes.

In her role as junior class reporter for student council, Addison is actively involved in school activities, showing her dedication to making a positive impact within her community. Her aspirations are further exemplified by her admiration for Ashley Treulieb, a cheerleader for the OU All-Girl team, which aligns with Addison’s dream and goal to cheer for them after high school.

Addison’s commitment to representing her school and community is unwavering. She embodies inclusivity, spirit and support for her fellow players, making her an outstanding role model for her peers.

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