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9 Questions with Brian Rigatti – Baseball Spotlight – Presented by Stuteville Ford of Atoka

VYPE: What motivates you?

Brian Rigatti: I am motivated by seeing the crowd and all the future players in the community come to watch.

VYPE: Who are some of your biggest influences or role models? Why?

BR: My biggest influences in sports have always been my upperclassmen.

VYPE: What teacher has had the biggest impact on your life? How?

BR: Mrs. Sharon Garrison has made the most impact on my life, she made me realize how well I can do off the field if I put the work in.

VYPE: What has it taken to be successful in your sports?

BR: I have had work every day in and after practice and take every rep I get seriously. That is what brought me to having a starting spot in both sports since my sophomore year.

VYPE: What has been the highlight moment of your career?

BR: Hitting my first homerun, getting player of the week, and getting Second Team All-State in football have been my biggest highlights in my career

VYPE: Is there an opponent that you enjoy beating the most? Why?

BR: Coalgate is my favorite opponent to beat just for the thrill of the school rival competition.

VYPE: What clubs and campus activities are you involved with?

BR: I am a member of NTHS, FCCLA, CERT, and robotics.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

BR: After high school, I will be certified in the construction and electrical fields and will go on to get my journeyman’s license and own my own company

VYPE: What does it mean to you to represent your school and community when you play?

BR: It’s always been about what’s on the front of my jersey and not the name on the back. I try to do my best to represent my school and my community and give something for the next generations to look to.

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