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Atoka’s Pacer Pingleton – Academic Team Spotlight – Presented by Stuteville Ford of Atoka

In the plethora of academics at Atoka High School, one name stands out: Pacer Pingleton, a senior with a passion for learning and a knack for trivia. From history to literature, Pacer’s journey with the academic team has been nothing short of inspiring.

Pacer’s foray into academic competitions was somewhat random. “I was asked by Mrs. Garison if I wanted to try out,” he said. “I’ve always liked academics, so this seemed like it would be fun.” Little did he know that this decision would pave the way for countless memorable experiences.

For Pacer, the thrill of victory is unmatched, especially when it comes to intense matches known as “deathmatches.” “My favorite thing is when we beat a team in a deathmatch,” he shared.

With a penchant for history, Pacer has found his niche within the academic team. “My dad is a history buff,” he explained, “so I’ve just been around it my whole life.” Whether it’s practicing with his teammates or immersing himself in trivia-style shows, Pacer’s dedication to his craft is evident.

Participation in the academic team has not only broadened Pacer’s knowledge but also connected him with like-minded peers. “The academic team has definitely helped me find like-minded students,” he noted, emphasizing the sense of camaraderie and intellectual stimulation that the team provides.

Despite facing challenges, such as dwindling participation numbers, Pacer remains dedicated to the academic team. “This year was the most challenging for me,” he admitted. “We barely had enough to make a team.” However, his commitment to a successful academic team season was evident in his involvement.

For Pacer, prioritizing academics has always been a top priority. “I’ve put the academic team ahead of everything else,” he said. Even in the midst of sports and other extracurricular activities, Pacer ensures that his commitment to the team remains unwavering.

As a seasoned academic competitor, Pacer offers valuable advice to aspiring team members. “You don’t have to be good at every category and subject,” he advised. “The academic team is built upon students who are strong in certain categories.”

Looking ahead, Pacer has ambitious plans for his future. “I plan to attend the University of Oklahoma and graduate from OU Law,” he said. “After law school, I plan to run for state representative of my district.”

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