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Coalgate’s Brody McCollum – Baseball Spotlight – Presented by SafeGuard Insurance Solutions

Representing a community as a student athlete is about character, pride, and competition. Winning just makes it more fun. Brody McCollum, a junior at Coalgate High School, wants to show his community what they are about and prove they have the talent to make it to the state tournament and win it.

Brody’s first love is baseball. He primarily plays short stop, third base, and pitcher. The highlight of his career up to this point, is making it to the state semifinals. His athletic skill extends to multiple sports. When baseball season ends, he is on the basketball team and is starting football this year.
 He is motivated by his love of sports. Every lesson learned on the field is an opportunity, “to make myself be the best I can be,” he says. 

Part of being successful in sports is making the right choices. Brody says, “just keeping myself from going down bad roads and working my butt off as a young freshman to get mentally strong to play this game,” is how he has found success on the field.

When asked to name the biggest role model in his life, Brody picks his dad. “My father. He is my biggest fan and has been there to push me through ups and downs,” says Brody.
 The teachers who have had the biggest impact on his life are Mrs. Lora Rogers and coach David Cagle. “Mrs. Rogers is a really down-to-earth lady that will listen to you. Coach Cagle knows how to fix my mistakes so well,” said Brody.

Brody is most motivated by teammate, Cade Cometti. “He (Cade) is a great player, and we push each other all the time,” he said. Brody appreciates every member on his team. As a team he says they most look forward to playing and beating Kiowa.
 After high school Brody hopes to get offers to play college baseball. He wants to study for a safety degree in the oil field or high line industry. 

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