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Durant’s Aiden Sager – Track Spotlight – Presented by Excel Therapy

Sports taught Aiden Sager that nothing wanted in life will come easy. “If you want it, you’ll have to work to achieve it,” says Aiden, a senior at Durant High School. 

Soccer was Aiden’s first sport but once he entered middle school he found his sport in track. “That’s when I started to realize that track is where I belonged…running,” he says, “then high school track led me into cross country, and hopefully running will carry me to my college dreams like they have so far.”

As a runner the best advice he has been given applies to both his sport and life. “Don’t look back, in a race or in life,focus on what’s ahead of you.”

Aiden’s favorite part of cross country, track and field, and soccer is the team, and how they become a second family. He enjoys being a part of a “group that comes together for one goal working together to achieve it.” 

Representing his school in athletics is an opportunity to make sure his hometown is known for sports. “I love it when you can show up to compete and another school will see the lion on our bus and go, ‘Man Durant is here!’” says Aiden.

The teammate to leave the biggest impression is Madison Roper. “We both started playing soccer together for years and then made the shift to running. He has always been there to push and support me as I do for him, and I will miss being a teammate with him the most this May,” says Aiden.

He is inspired by his family who has been there for him since day one. Aiden is also thankful to all his coaches and teachers through the years. “You have all helped to shape me into who I am today and for that, I will always be grateful,” he said. 

His favorite teacher is Ms. Haworth from sophomore and junior chemistry. “I always loved showing up to her class every day and the way she thought she made it more fun with experiments, as opposed to textbook learning in a classroom,” said Aiden. 

Aiden has a favorite meal of homecooked steak with mashed potatoes and mushrooms; however, he laughs saying, “as athletes, we eat almost anything you put in front of us.” 

Outside of school Aiden is part of the Youth Advisory Board. This is a local program through the Choctaw Nation helping the community.

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