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Durant’s Karah Boydstun – Soccer Spotlight – Presented by Conley Care Clinic

Not only is senior Karah Boydstun a talented soccer player at Durant High School, but she also commands respect off the field. Karah has distinguished herself as a leader and an inspiration to her teammates, playing center forward and outside forward on both the right and left sides.

“My biggest motivator is my teammates,” Karah said. “When you play, you’re not just playing for yourself or to win; you’re playing for them.”

Her journey in soccer has been shaped by the influence of greats like Marta, Mia Hamm and Michelle Akers, but it’s her sisters who stand out as her true role models. “My sisters been with me every step of the way and have taught me everything I know. I couldn’t ask for better coaches or sisters!”

When asked about the teacher who has impacted her life the most, Karah’s answer reflects her deep faith. “The teacher that’s had the biggest impact on my life would have to be my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t have the abilities I have in soccer without Him.”

Success in soccer, according to Karah, requires dedication and a competitive spirit. “It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears,” she admitted. “I don’t take losing easily, so I go into every game and play like my life depends on it.”

One of the highlights of Karah’s career came with her commitment to Mississippi College. “I can’t wait to start in the fall and see what the future for my soccer and academics holds!”

In practice, Karah enjoys the challenge posed by her teammate, goalkeeper Alex Martinez. “She challenges me every dayand is truly a powerful force in the goal!”

Beyond soccer, Karah is also involved in travel soccer with Solar Soccer Club in Texas. Her plans after high school include studying kinesiology and exercise science while playing for Mississippi’s Women’s Soccer team at college.

Representing Durant High School and her community is a source of pride for Karah. “I see it as a sign of respect and a ‘thank you’ for raising me into what I am now. Thank you, Durant, for getting me this far; now it’s time for me to begin again!”

Karah Boydstun’s dedication, competitive spirit and leadership make her not just a standout athlete but a role model for aspiring soccer players everywhere.

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