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Durant’s Katelyn Ortiz – Soccer Spotlight – Presented by Conley Care Clinic

Senior soccer player at Durant High School Katelyn Ortiz is not like other players. With her skill and tenacity, Katelyn, a dynamic midfielder, commands both the attack and defense, playing a crucial role on the field.

Katelyn’s motivation stems from her pursuit of her goals. “I am always wanting to be the best I can be at everything,” she said, embodying a drive that sets her apart on the soccer field.

For Katelyn, her biggest role model is her mother. “She is so loving and is always making so many sacrifices for her kids,” she said.

Mrs. Lou Ann Lively, one of Katelyn’s teachers, has had a profound impact on her life. “She has taught me to keep pushing through,” Katelyn reflected, highlighting the importance of perseverance in overcoming challenges.

Success in soccer, according to Katelyn, requires years of training and hard work. It’s this dedication that has culminated in a standout season for Katelyn and her team. “This year has been the highlight of my career because my team works extremely hard every game for each other,” she said with pride.

In practice, Katelyn finds herself challenged by her teammate, Karah Boydstun. “I enjoy if I ever beat Karah in practice because she is the best player on our team,” Katelyn admitted with a hint of friendly competition. It’s this drive to compete against the best that pushes Katelyn to elevate her game.

Despite her individual success, Katelyn remains humble, recognizing the contributions of her teammate, Addison Polk. “She is always trying her hardest and is the perfect example of what a leader is,” Katelyn praised, acknowledging Polk’s dedication and leadership on the field.

Representing her school means more to Katelyn than just playing soccer. “To me, it means being able to be a role model for the generations after me.”

Off the field, Katelyn is actively involved in extracurricular activities, serving as the co-president of HOSA and participating in an Anatomage team. Looking ahead, Katelyn plans to pursue her passion for medicine, aspiring to become a pediatric surgeon in college.

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