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Durant’s Lorie Vargas – Teacher Spotlight – Presented by Simmons Bank

Lorie Vargas, a dedicated educator at Durant High School, brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role as a math teacher. With eight years of teaching under her belt, Lorie’s journey in education has been both fulfilling and inspiring.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids,” Lorie shared, reflecting on her decision to pursue teaching. “As an educator, I knew I would be able to not only help kids with math but also to encourage and watch them grow to be whatever they inspire to be.”

Her teaching career spans multiple schools and communities, including Dickson, Altus and Madill, highlighting her adaptability and commitment to making a difference in students’ lives wherever she goes.

When asked about her motivation and influences, Lorie credits one of her high school English teachers, Mrs. Dodds, as a significant inspiration. “She was not only an incredible teacher, but I remember her for the patience she had and how she took the time to really get to know each of her students.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching for Lorie is witnessing her students realize their capabilities. “It’s always fun when a student achieves something in class or elsewhere and they surprise themselves at their own potential,” she explained. “I can start to see the growth in their lives, and it’s always rewarding when my students want to share their accomplishments with me as well.”

Lorie also values the importance of empathy and understanding in her teaching approach. “The best advice I was ever given was that each student is going through different situations and circumstances that we don’t always know about,” she said. “So sometimes the only smile or encouraging word they get comes from a teacher at school.”

Beyond the classroom, Lorie enjoys spending quality time with her family, including her husband Todd, their children Jordyn and Jake, and their precious grandchildren Heath and Ellie. As a loving grandmother, Lorie cherishes moments with her family and values the balance between her professional and personal life.

With her dedication to teaching, genuine care for her students and a heart full of compassion, Lorie Vargas continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those she teaches and mentors at Durant High School.

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