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9 Questions with Antlers’ Daniel Caldwell – Track Spotlight – Presented by McCurtain County National Bank

VYPE: What sports do you play?

Daniel Caldwell: Football and track.

VYPE: What positions do you play?

DC: Corner, running back and receiver

VYPE: What motivates you?

DC: I get motivated by other people doing better than me and strive to be better than them.

VYPE: Who are some of your biggest influences or role models? Why?

DC: My uncle and my brother and my family and friends.

VYPE: What teacher has had the biggest impact on your life? How?

DC: Ms. Faber, she helped me get a job as a recommendation.

VYPE: What has it taken to be successful in your sports?

DC: The people around me and other people from different schools and my coach.

VYPE: What has been the highlight moment of your career?

DC: Making it to state for the 200-meter dash.

VYPE: Which teammate do you enjoy working against the most with in practice? Why?

DC: Matthew Brame; he is somewhat my speed, and he thinks he’s better than me.

VYPE: What does it mean to you to represent your school and community when you play?

DC: To show leadership and to not act like a fool or do anything that makes you and the people around you look like a bad representation of your school.

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