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Antlers’ Kinlyn Hembree – Track Spotlight – Presented by McCurtain County National Bank

Senior Kinlyn Hembree of Antlers High School is a talented athlete who excels in track, softball and basketball. Kinlyn is a skilled athlete who shows her commitment to athletics by dominating on the court, field and track.

For Kinlyn, the support and encouragement of her teammates serve as a powerful motivator. “Something that motivates me is my teammates pushing me to work harder,” she said, highlighting the importance of teamwork and friendships in her athletic journey.

Beyond her teammates, Kinlyn draws inspiration from her great grandmother, Shirley Jacks, who embodies positivity and faith. “She is the most positive and Godly woman I have ever met and she always pushes me to try my hardest and be the best I can be,” Kinlyn shared, emphasizing her admiration for her great grandmother’s unwavering support and encouragement.

In the classroom, Kinlyn has been profoundly influenced by Nikki Brown, a teacher known for her dedication and willingness to support her students. “She is always willing to help and be there anytime you need her to be,” Kinlynreflected, acknowledging the invaluable guidance she has received from Ms. Brown.

To excel in sports, Kinlyn emphasizes the importance of time, hard work and dedication. Her commitment to her athletic pursuits is evident in her relentless drive to improve and succeed in every aspect of her game.

In basketball practice, Kinlyn enjoys the challenge of competing against Addisen Bouffleur, a teammate who pushes her to elevate her game. “We match the same level, and she pushes me to work hard and at my highest level.”

Looking ahead, Kinlyn plans to attend Murray State College, where she aims to pursue a career in the medical field. Her ambition and dedication to her studies reflect her commitment to personal and academic growth beyond the realm of sports.

As Kinlyn Hembree prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey, she carries with her the lessons learned from her teammates, role models and teachers.

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