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Antlers’ Kooper Johnson – Baseball Spotlight

Antlers Public Schools boasts a rising star in Kooper Johnson, an 11th-grade student who excels both on the football field and the baseball diamond. Playing quarterback in football and taking on the roles of pitcher and shortstop in baseball, Kooper’s versatility and skill have made him a standout athlete.

“I want to play at the next level, and that’s what helps me get motivated,” Kooper said, highlighting his ambition to succeed in sports.

On the field, Kooper’s performance speaks volumes. In the current season, his batting average stands at an impressive .571, with an on-base percentage (OBP) of .684. He has accumulated 8 hits and 3 RBIs, showcasing his offensive prowess. Defensively, his fielding percentage (FP) is .941, highlighting his reliability in the field.

Acknowledging his support system, Kooper credits his father as his biggest fan. “My dad is a big motivator in my life,and he always keeps me going” he added, emphasizing the importance of encouragement and guidance from family.

Reflecting on academics, Kooper appreciates the role of his teachers. “All my teachers are good at what they do and make sure I work just as hard in the classroom as I do on the field,” he noted, emphasizing the value of hard work in both sports and academics.

“Hard work all year long—working out, hitting and practicing as much as possible—is key to being great,” Kooper said, underlining the importance of consistent effort and dedication.

When it comes to competition, Kooper enjoys facing challenging opponents like Kingston. “They are always good competition, and I love the challenge,” he remarked, showing his competitive spirit.

In practice, Kooper values his partnership with Chandler Joslin. “We work out together and always work hard,” he explained, highlighting the teamwork and camaraderie essential in sports.

Recognizing the efforts of his teammates, Kooper mentions Rayce. “Rayce is probably the least appreciated player, but he works hard and loves the game,” Kooper acknowledged, showing his respect for fellow teammates.

Beyond sports, Kooper is actively involved in his youth group at Finley Baptist Church, showcasing his commitment to community and faith.

Kooper also acknowledged the pride he feels when representing Antlers High School: “I love our community and fans. They always support us and are a big part in what we do.”

Looking to his future goals, Kooper Johnson’s aspirations are high. “I want to go play college baseball.”

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