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Hugo’s Addison Byrd – Academic Team Spotlight – Presented by Jay Hodge Dodge of Hugo

At Hugo High School, Addison Byrd emerges as a fierce academic mind. Armed with a sharp intellect and a passion for trivia, Addison has carved her niche in the world of academic bowl, taking on the scene with her knowledge and wit.

“I heard about it [academic team] in an announcement in middle school and thought it sounded interesting,” Addison said, tracing back her initiation into the world of academic bowl.

Reflecting on her most memorable moments in the competition, Addison can’t single out just one. “Not a specific event, but the times we are far behind and are able to come back and win.”

When it comes to her favorite trivia topics, Addison doesn’t hesitate to mention current events. “Pop culture questions are my favorite, especially music and movies. They are a nice break from the typical ‘academic’ questions.”

Driven by her love for trivia, Addison immerses herself in various activities to sharpen her knowledge. “I love Jeopardy! I watch it every night. I also play a lot of trivia games with my family.”

For Addison, the academic bowl isn’t just about answering questions; it’s a journey of personal growth. “I’m pretty much an introvert, so being part of a team and going to competitions has helped me meet new people and be more social.”

Even in the face of challenges like migraines triggered by the competition’s environment, Addison remains steadfast. “Sometimes the lights and sounds of the buzzers trigger migraines for me. I push through it because I enjoy competing so much.”

Balancing academics and extracurricular commitments, Addison ensures that academic bowl takes priority. “Academic bowl is my favorite school activity. It takes precedence over other school activities.”

As she looks ahead, Addison sees academic bowl as more than just a competition; it’s a steppingstone towards her aspirations. “It hasn’t really had an influence on my career goals, but I do aspire to be on Jeopardy one day,” she said. “It has also given me skills that will help in the future such as leadership, teamwork and competitive drive.”

With dreams of pursuing pre-veterinary medicine at Texas A&M Commerce and eventually earning her doctorate, Addison Byrd embodies the spirit of academic excellence, poised to leave a lasting impact on her school and beyond.

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