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Q&A with Tushka’s Pete Goodson – Baseball Spotlight – Presented by R.V.G. Enterprises LLC.

VYPE: What sports do you play?

Pete Goodson: I play baseball.

VYPE: What positions do you play?

PG: I play third, second, first and I pitch.

VYPE: What motivates you?

PG: Winning is my motivation.

VYPE: Who are some of your biggest influences or role models? Why?

PG: Coach Dax Simon and coach Landon Carper because they always push me to be better.

VYPE: What teacher has had the biggest impact on your life? How?

PG: Coach Landon Carper because he has always pushed me to be better in class and be a better person.

VYPE: What has it taken to be successful in your sports?

PG: A lot of hard work and after hours of just working on my swing, fielding and throwing.

VYPE: What has been the highlight moment of your career?

PG: Growing up, being a leader and learning what it takes to be a next-tier player.

VYPE: Is there an opponent that you enjoy beating the most? Why?

PG: I don’t really have one because it is us versus us when we step on the field. Ourselves is our biggest opponent.

VYPE: Which teammate do you enjoy working against the most with in practice? Why?

PG: Tagen Simon because he pushes me to be the best I can. When I am having an off day, he just picks me up and lets me know I am still a good player.

VYPE: What clubs and campus activities are you involved with?

PG: Bible club.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

PG: My plans after high school are to attend Carl Albert State College to continue my baseball career and pursue a degree in criminal justice.

VYPE: What does it mean to you to represent your school and community when you play?

PG: Representing my school and community when I play means a lot to me. There are younger kids who look up to me as a person and a player. I want to be remembered as a good player but more importantly, as the young man I am becoming.

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