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Tushka’s Tagen Simon – Baseball Spotlight – Presented by R.V.G. Enterprises LLC.

Senior Tagen Simon of Tushka High School is not just an exceptional athlete but also an example of the school’s long-standing baseball legacy. Tushka’s team is currently ranked second in Class A and 11th in the state.

“Winning is my biggest motivator,” Tagen shared, reflecting on his drive to succeed on the baseball diamond and beyond.

When it comes to influences, Tagen credits coach Dax Simon and coach Chris Zike for their guidance and leadership. “Coach Simon and coach Zike, and of course, Jesus Christ.”

Tagen also acknowledged the impact of Tracey Griffin, highlighting the lessons learned about grit and toughness from a young age under his mentorship.

To be successful in baseball, Tagen emphasized the importance of confidence, hard work and dedication. These qualities have not only shaped his performance on the field but also contributed to the team’s success, including winning the state tournament.

“I just love to compete,” Tagen expressed. “It’s us versus us when we step on the field.”

In practice, Tagen enjoys working with Pete Goodson, a teammate who has been with him since the start of his high school career. “He’s been with me since I started my high school career, and we push each other to be better every day.” Their mutual drive for improvement has been a cornerstone of their success.

Regarding his team, Tagen recognizes the contributions of Ryder Hurt, noting that he deserves more credit for his role within the team dynamics. “He doesn’t get enough credit for all he does for our team.”

Beyond sports, Tagen is actively involved in extracurricular activities like the Bible club, National Honor Society and Gifted and Talented programs, showcasing his commitment to both academic and personal growth.

Looking ahead, Tagen’s goals revolve around continuous improvement in baseball and exploring how far the sport can take him in his journey.

Being part of Tushka’s baseball program means more than just playing a game; it represents continuing a legacy of excellence and striving to be the best player and person possible. “It means a lot to continue the tradition Tushka baseball has built and try to be the best player and person I can be.”

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