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Coalgate’s Zeak Marlow – Football Spotlight – Presented by Coalgate Insurance



Though he’s just a junior, Zeak Marlow obviously has the support of his team at Coalgate High School as he was unanimously picked as the team captain for the Wildcats football team this season.

“He really is the leader of our team,” said first year coach Zac Cater. “He’s made big plays on offense as a receiver and leads the team in tackles as our inside linebacker.”

Football seems to run in Zeak’s family so it just seems natural that Zeak would grow into that sport.

“I have an uncle who played and my family in general just loves football. I started in third grade and have been going ever since. I was a lineman until my sophomore year when I lost a lot of weight and became a receiver and linebacker,” (where he’s had 64 tackles and a sack mid-way through this season.)

Asked to describe himself in three words, Zeak says honest, tough, and trustworthy which is a word that comes up a lot as Zeak talks about his leadership philosophy.

“Being trustworthy and honest with the team is so important because if you don’t have their trust, you don’t have nothing. I do a lot of yelling as a team leader, maybe too much sometimes,” he laughed. “But the guys trust me, and I think it’s just a brotherhood thing. I just feel like I have to be honest with them and not let them down.”

Zeak says he wants to get well over 100 tackles this year and he seems to be well on his way. He didn’t really have a number in mind when he thought about an offensive goal.

“I came into the season just wanting to have more a presence for the team this year on offense because I didn’t get a lot of reps last year.”

Asked who motivates him day in and day out, Zeak thought for a moment then said;

“Jesus is probably my main motivation. I was raised to always have faith in Him no matter what happens,” said Zeak who also got into powerlifting last year and plans to continue that this winter.

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